Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy AirWar: Pacific!?
Airwar: Pacific! is currently available online via our secure server.

Why can't I find AirWar: Pacific! at a store?
We are currently coordinating with distribution partners to make Airwar: Pacific! available via retail channels including at hobby stores and at the gift shops of most major aviation museums. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot estimate such availability.

How many cards are there in a deck?
There are a total of 80 playing cards in the base deck of Airwar: Pacific!, 40 Axis and 40 Allied, including all fighters, bombers, airbases, carriers and special event cards. A very few additional non-playable cards may be included (such as a Turn Sequence information card).

Help, I've lost the rules sheet! Can I get another copy?
Indeed, you can. We have made an expanded copy of the rules available online in a printer-friendly format.

Are there going to be any expansion or "booster" decks?
Yes, most certainly! Currently we are in production creating specific expansion decks for Airwar: Pacific!. These will include more powerful aircraft, additional airbases and carriers, and a host of specialty cards that don't appear in the base deck. These include items like defensive flak, specialized attacks and weapons, additional ace pilots and a whole host more! Just like the base deck, all new cards will feature custom original artwork. Separate expansion decks will be available for Axis and Allied forces.

If I buy an expansion deck, will I have to buy randomized booster decks over and over to get what I want?
No. We very much want to stay away from randomized decks in Airwar: Pacific! because we feel it's a bit of a "cash grab" to get consumers to buy the same thing repeatedly and plays on their hopes. Instead, our expansion decks will contain a complete set of 21 Axis or Allied cards. There will be multiple expansion decks available, but these will reflect different aspects of the conflict (Navy versus Army aircraft, for instance) and each will integrate with the others to build a complete inventory that spans the war. We will never ask you to buy a similar set over and over just to try and get a specific card.

I'm not a big fan of the war in the Pacific. Are there any other fronts in the AirWar series?
We are currently developing an Airwar: Pacific! base deck, which will feature aircraft and equipment from the European Theater of Operations. It will only be made available after Airwar: Pacific! and all of its expansion decks have been produced. Other possible base decks include North Africa and the Eastern Front, but whether or not these are developed depends on the sales for the Airwar: Pacific! and Airwar: Europe! decks. The combat system and point values will be consistent across all decks, so players looking for a challenging multi-front war may combine sets.

I hold a PhD in quantum physics and received the Nobel Prize, yet my eleven year old consistently beats me when I play AirWar: Pacific!. Why is that?
Well, if you can turn on a computer and surf the 'Net to read this, you probably have all the mental acuity required to play the game. There are many varied strategies to employ in achieving victory in Airwar: Pacific!, though, so make sure to explore them all. Sometimes it's better to go for an all out attack, and other times it pays to play defensively. In some situations you can force a war of attrition and then, if you're the survivor, attack unprotected targets with impunity; while in other instances you'll have to jealously horde your cards and pass your turn a lot to build up forces. It all depends on the hand you have been dealt, and discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent's hand. Ultimately, you'll have to spare your progeny's feelings (only this time, of course), and play to win! If that doesn't help, spend less time on that "science stuff" and more time playing Airwar: Pacific!. You'll get the hang of it! (And watch out next year when he or she turns twelve...)

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